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Brussels may not have the prestigious history of Paris and is not as cosmopolitan as London, but nobody will argue the charm the city radiates.

In the past, Brussels underwent many major architectural changes. Although it is a beautiful, animated and proud "zwanzende" city in which it is pleasant to stay and where the aroma of the typical Belgian ‘cuisine’ is never far away.

No where in the world there are such cosy ‘estaminets’ (a café) where you can fully enjoy a ‘half and half’ or a ‘faro’ (a typical Brussels beer) accompanied by a delicious sandwich with ‘ettekeis’ (a typical – smelly – Brussels cheese), secretly trying to understand the conversation in our Brussels dialect.

With a couple of hours of relaxing walks through the heart of Brussels you will encounter the past and the present, the arts, the architecture, the food, the drinks and the shops.

Would you like to visit the city with staff members or the visitors of your company? Are you looking for a different gift to family birthdays or friends meetings?

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Guides recognized by Tourism Flanders (Tourist office for Flanders)   Photo’s: Luc Beirens